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A personal goal, needs a personal plan!

     *Clinical Support Specialist

*Life Purpose-Life Coach

*Teacher of Success

*Host of Motivational MOMENTS





*Published Author*

“A Mother’s Guide to Greater Self-Love”

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[This E-book is GREAT for Mother’s Day! It is intended for mothers who work tirelessly to be present! Through it all, we are there every day of the week for our family. Gift this to yourself or a mother you know may have lost herself and could use an inspirational guide to love herself again. It’s a comprehensive guide on how to love yourself every day of every month of every year. Self-love is so important this guide will help you every step of the way!]                           





I would love to sit down with you and map out your winning game plan. I want to help you break through life’s challenges with grace and help you get back your joy. You Deserve it!

I’m a seasoned Homeschooling Mother of 3, Wife of 10 years and Entrepreneur! I get life’s challenges. My Process is to Listen to your goals, Customize your Strategy, and Follow-up ensuring your success!

 consulting services

Invest in yourself!

You deserve it!

 Discovery Call 

This discovery call is designed to see how I can truly help you obtain your definition of success. It is the beginning stages of mapping out your customized plan of action. This recommended in order to provide the most personal experience possible.  


Strategy Call 

During this call/meeting, you will receive a customized plan tailored to your personal success. This plan will come complete with Strategies, Resource Leads, and a Bonus Follow-up to ensure success. 


Follow-up Calls

Follow-up calls will help ensure things stay on track, they help with accountability, and help you to continue to be successful. You aren’t in this alone and I never want you to feel lost. If you just need to have an accountability partner I can provide that for you as well. With my follow-up package of 4 calls.



Project Package

 Buying a package plan is an amazing value. 1 discovery, 1 strategy call complete with a customized plan, and 4 Follow-up calls.

Happy Clients

“The ‘IT’ girl for all your happiness and joy! MsLauren makes you want to love life!”

– Annie Edwards

“Lauren is an ideal guide for any “mountain” you need to climb in life.”

– Emily Knight

Lauren is very patient with me and very understanding… she has loads of teaching experience 💞

– Karen Josey

Let Me Encourage &

Inspire You!