Work With Me

Personal Success Process

Booking Your Consultation

A 30min consultation is recommended in order to provide the most personal experience possible. After receiving your intake form we will begin to plan for a successful consultation. Once your call is booked you will receive your confirmation letter and be on your way to an amazing consultation!

Booking Your Strategy Call

After a successful consultation, we will make plans to book your 1hour strategy call.  During the strategy call, you will receive a customized plan tailored to your personal success. This plan will come complete with Strategies, Resource Leads, and a Bonus 30min Follow-up to ensure success. Your bonus Follow-up call can be broken into two 15min calls if you prefer. 

Booking Your Follow-up calls 

Follow-up calls will help ensure things stay on track, help with accountability, and help you continue to be successful. You aren’t in this alone and I never want you to feel lost. If you just need to have an accountability partner we can provide that for you as well. With a follow-up package of 1 weekly 15 min call 4 times a month. 

Booking a Success Package

A success plan can be obtained by buying a package plan. One 30min consultation call, One strategy call complete with a customized plan, and four 15min Follow-up calls can be bought at one flat rate.